As a member of the House Armed Services Committee I receive regular updates from the Department of Defense (DOD) regarding their response to COVID-19.  The DOD has deployed 13,000 personnel through the US including 3,600 medical professionals.  30,000 National Guardsmen have been deployed across the country to help with distribution of supplies, construct Augmentation Medical Facilities and assist local hospitals.  I will continue to use this website to keep you up to date with what information I have received, and I encourage you to remain engaged with local commands directly or via social media. 

  • Health Protection Condition (HPCON)
  • Travel/Leave
    • The DOD has suspended all Domestic and International Travel and cancelled Leave in an effort minimize exposure to COVID-19.  This is expected to last until approximately June 30th.  
  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders
    • The DOD has halted PCS Orders until approximately June 30th as well.  DOD is aware that some members with PCS orders will have to pay 2 rents or mortgages as a result.  The DoD intends for those extra cost to be considered cost incurred for travel and can be claimed as part of a PCS move.  
    • Has postponed medical and dental elective procedures for 60-days.  They are expanding their telemedicine coverage.  Click here for more details
  • Commissaries
    • Commissaries remain open and now require 100% ID check for entry and have stopped early bird shopping hours that allows for more cleaning and re-stocking time to protect employees and customers. 
  • Work location
    • The DOD is doing all they can to comply with CDC guidelines to maximize social distancing.  Commands are encouraged to promote telework, designate alternate workplaces and utilize shift work when operationally possible. 
  • Allowances
    • The DOD acknowledges that the Stop Movement Order may make members eligible for additional allowances like Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS), Basic Housing Allowance (BAH), Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA), Family Separation Allowance (FSA) or Per Diem.  Members should talk with their command to see if they qualify. Click here for more details
  • National Guard
    • All 54 States and territories have activated their National Guard, supporting their Governors and FEMA.  The Texas Military Department have about 1,200 personnel mobilized to 3 Joint Task Forces and 9 General Support Units that are responding to the needs of local cities and counties. 
      • If you need to relay a need in your area, please contact your County Judge and Texas Department of Emergency Management District Coordinator.  Click here for contact information. 
      • For the latest information from the Texas National Guard  Click here
  • Medical Response
    • DoD is conducting testing and supporting HHS for trials of treatments and vaccines for COVID-19.
  • Boot Camps
    • Recruits preparing to travel to boot camp should remain in close contact with their recruiter for updates.  The DOD has designated recruit training as essential operations.  Boot camps are taking protective measures to ensure recruits can continue training without a risk of COVID-19 infection.  New recruits have the right to adjust their military start date with their recruiter and local Military Entrance Processing Station.
  • Retiree and Ready Reserve Recalls
    • The military services are taking volunteers who wish to come back and serve.  DOD is carefully evaluating the recall of personnel to minimize the impact of the civilian medical response and are taking that into consideration. 
  • US Navy Warships
    • Crewmembers of warships have been recalled to their ship whether in-port or underway.  The Navy’s goal is to prevent crewmember exposure from the public, which would cause a rapid spread to their shipmates in close quarters.  66 of 67 ships deployed world-wide do not have COVID infections. 

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My office is available to help with any problems arise. If you are having difficulty with the Department of Defense, you can also contact my office at 202-225-9901.