As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, my top focus is ensuring that America’s Armed Forces are prepared to respond to a range of military operations.  America’s all-volunteer force members are some of the most dedicated, hard-working and intelligent men and women our nation has to offer.  It is critical they have the capabilities, technology and resources necessary to respond to whatever challenge they face.  For the many sacrifices they make each day, including being away from their loved ones on deployment, it is imperative that they and their families have easy access to housing, healthcare and basic living necessities to sustain them through the challenges of military service. 

Specifically, the facilities at Naval Air Station Kingsville and Corpus Christi need important updates to make them functional and safe.  I will continue to work closely with the Navy to get these projects completed.  Additionally, the Texas National Guard and Reserve play a critical role in supporting the people of Texas during a crisis.  Their service within our communities is immeasurable and I will continue to work closely with them to ensure they have the resources they need.

As a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) Parliamentary Assembly and Vice Chair of the Political Committee/Transatlantic Relations, I have the unique privilege of working closely with our European allies conducting oversight of NATO’s military operations worldwide.  NATO and America’s other international alliances are vital to America’s success in countering near peer-competitors, rouge nations and transnational terrorist organizations from being credible threats to our nation.  Through our alliances America’s burden for combating these threats is smaller and our success is superior.  I will continue to advocate for programs that support our alliances to ensure America doesn’t have to, “go it alone.”

Specific Legislation:

RAIDER Act of 2019 (HR 1293) – The Trump Administration has continued to steal precious funding for military projects to build his border wall with Mexico.  This bill prohibits the use of funds appropriated to the Army Corps of Engineers for the construction of barriers, land acquisition or other related activities for building Trump’s wall unless specifically appropriated by Congress.  

Guard and Reserve Hazard Duty Pay Equity Act (HR 5887) – Our National Guard is exposed to the same risks and requirements that our Active Duty members are.  They deserve to receive the same Hazardous Duty Pay to maintain their qualifications and welfare.  This bill would ensure guard and reserve members who are required to maintain the same qualifications as active duty members receive the same Hazardous Duty Pay.  

Military Hunger Prevention Act (HR 3801) – No member of the Armed Forces should live below the poverty line or have trouble sustaining basic living standards for their family.  This bill will ensure that low-income military families receive a Basic Needs Allowance that ensures their incomes are above the Federal Government’s poverty guideline.