Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Filemon Vela (D-TX) joined 248 of his colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives in passing H.R. 2639 the Strength in Diversity Act of 2020. 

America’s public schools are more segregated today than at any time since the 1960s. Though school districts across the country have implemented innovative strategies to address this issue, many lack the resources necessary to meaningfully address school segregation in their communities. The Strength in Diversity Act helps fulfill the promise of equity in education by offering support in the form of federal funding to districts that are developing, implementing, or expanding school diversity initiatives.

“Segregated schools perpetuate unacceptable inequity in education,” said Congressman Filemon Vela. “It is, therefore, critical to promote diversity in our schools, which not only helps our students perform better academically, but also leads to benefits that continue into adulthood, including more integrated communities, higher levels of social cohesion, and reduced racial prejudice. For these reasons, I am proud to join my colleagues in passing this critical piece of legislation to ensure the academic success of all of our students, in the classroom and beyond.”

The Strength in Diversity Act: 

  • Establishes a grant program that provides federal funding to support voluntary local efforts to increase diversity in schools. 
  • Supports the development and maintenance of best practices for grantees and experts in the field of school diversity. 
  • Makes grant funding available to school districts, independently or in collaboration with neighboring districts, as well as regional educational authorities and educational service agencies. 

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