CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — One area Congressman is not holding out any hope that there is going to be a COVID-19 stimulus deal before the end of the year.

Congressman Filemon Vela spoke with 3News Monday about several issues, including a possible COVID-19 stimulus package. He said he has heard through Democratic leadership that there is a deal in the works between the House and the Senate, but it doesn't have anything to do with the stimulus package.

Instead, Vela said it is about another pressing matter.

"If there are negotiations occurring between the House and the Senate with respect to COVID relief they're keeping it pretty secret, and we just don't know about it," Vela said. "I'm not as optimistic about a COVID stimulus package before the of the year as I am that we are going to avoid a government shutdown."

Vela talked about a "stopgap" funding measure that will have to be passed to keep the government from running out of money after Dec. 11. If government funds were allowed to run out, he said it would definitely harm our efforts to fight COVID-19, and it would also result in slowing airport operations down and closing national parks.