Trump Border Rhetoric Stokes Hate and Violence, Strangles Border Economy                                                        

Brownsville, TX – Today, Congressman Vela (D-TX) released the following statement regarding Operation Faithful Patriot:  

“Just as President Trump’s rhetoric incited the pipe bomber’s attempt to kill the President’s political opponents, the President’s troop deployment has now inspired white nationalist vigilantes to head to the southern border. Contrary to the administrations supposed effort to secure the border, the President’s directives are now further imperiling the security of the region. This is an atrocity.

The President’s 15,000 strong troop deployment is wasting valuable military resources on a non-military threat. In fact, it is questionable that there is any threat at all. In an effort to secure the border, Congress has authorized 21,370 Border Patrol agents, however the administration has wholly failed to meet its hiring objectives. Vacancies of nearly 2,000 border patrol agents exist under the current congressional authorization and our ports of entry still need about 2,500 Port Officers to be adequately staffed. The administration has misfired once again.

Yesterday, troops in oversized military vehicles descended upon a local Walmart parking lot in Brownsville, while others placed razor wire at the international bridge in McAllen. These actions are direct attacks on our border economy and provide no security value whatsoever. Border business leaders should be appalled at this intimidating and useless tactic.”