Nearly everything about Donald Trump and his racist agenda is unpopular, including the popular vote loser himself. It’s a main reason why House Republicans are planning to use “a deceptive legislative gimmick” to sneak nearly $2 billion in border funding into the “minibus” spending package House Republicans are considering this week. As Politico’s Ted Hesson notes, the reason House Republicans won’t single out border wall funding for a clean up-or-down floor vote is “probably because the wall doesn't have enough Republican support to pass there.”

In a press conference earlier today, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus blasted House Republicans for “stroking Trump’s ego by funding a dumb wall that we don’t need and can’t afford”:

“Not only is the border wall expensive and unnecessary,  but Members of Congress who care deeply about our national defense shouldn’t be forced to decide between voting for the wall and voting to fund our military,” said Rep. Ruben Gallego (AZ-07), a Marine Corps veteran who fought in Iraq. “House Republicans are clearly embarrassed that they are stroking Trump’s ego by funding a dumb wall that we don’t need and can’t afford – and that’s why they are resorting to legislative gimmickry in order to avoid a clean up-or-down vote. That’s simply wrong. On such a momentous issue, the American people deserve to know where their elected representatives stand.”

“Republicans have taken a nonsensical approach by burying border wall funding in the national security-focused omnibus funding bill,” said Texas Rep. Filemon Vela, one of the exactly zero members of Congress from the southwest border area to support building this monument to Trump’s racism. ”Voting against border wall funding will protect hard-working Americans from seeing their tax dollars wasted on a ruse to secure our border.” It’s not just the 72 percent of border residents who oppose a useless wall that will do nothing to make America safer—America’s Voicenotes that a March Quinnipiac poll found that 64 percent of Americans oppose the border wall that Mexico will never, ever fucking pay for.

“Donald Trump’s immigration policies aren’t popular, don’t protect our national security and don’t promote our ideals as a nation,” says AV’s Frank Sharry. “Nowhere is this more apparent than his border wall – a proposal so unpopular and idiotic that the House Republicans have to sneak the funding past the post without a formal vote. This is nothing more than an attempt to swindle taxpayers to give the President a much-needed ‘win.’”

“Voters deserve to know where their elected representatives stand on the border wall,” Rep. Gallego wrote in a letter to Rep. Pete Sessions, Republican Chairman of the House Committee on Rules. We most certainly do, but don’t hold your breath expecting any backbone from House Republicans when it comes to challenging the former host of “Celebrity Apprentice.”