Alex Stockwell

MCALLEN, TX (KVEO NEWSCENTER 23) — Amid the crisis at the border, waves of politicians are flooding to the Valley to witness the impact of the high influx of immigrants.

Among them, Congressman Rubén Hinojosa, who was emotional after touring the McAllen Border Patrol detention facility.

"It's saddening, it brings tears to my eyes to see the children who are being detained, and many don't understand why," Hinojosa said.

Congressman Filemon Vela says that there isn't just one crisis, but three different dilemmas complicating the current conditions at the border.

"We have an immigration reform crisis. We also have a logistical crisis. Finally, and very clearly, we have a humanitarian crisis."

Vela explained that the logistical crisis pertains to the detention process as well as the legal process in the way that the system is set up to process immigrants illegally crossing the border.

A member of the House Homeland Security Committee was also among the group touring the Border Patrol facility. He says the amount of people he saw sparked uncertainty.

"I'm concerned about the numbers, I'm concerned about what we have to do," said Bennie G. Thompson, a member of the HHSC.

Vela believes it's the Department of State that needs to take action and increase their level of involvement in helping to resolve the border crisis.

"A lot of what we're seeing here really relates to what's happening in Central America. Ithink it's a good time to see a higher level of engagement from the Department of State."

After witnessing the heartbreaking situation at theMcAllen Border Patrol facility, the Congressmen paid a visit to Sacred Heart Church to see first hand some of the humanitarian relief efforts going toward immigrant women and children.

Additional representatives from Congress will continue visiting the Valley in the next coming days to address the crisis at the border.


Congressman tour Border Patrol Facility as part of recent wave of politicians visiting the Valley