Claudia Garcia | Alice Echo News Journal

A total of 11 Alice High School Migrant students recently participated in a week-long special focus program entitled “United States in the Global Community” held in Washington, D.C. from June 15 to June 20.

The students were given the opportunity to interact and team build with other high school students from around the country. As part of the study program, students visited many of the memorials and landmarks in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill Day.

The students met with U.S Congressmen Filemon Vela in a sit-down meeting in his office. Students who travelled to Washington D.C. were Emily Alaniz, Armando Alaniz, Joslin Benavidez, Cipriano “Alex” Castillo, Magda Chavez, Victoria Contreras, Juan Garza III, Eric Jimenez, Tracy Olivares, Cyndy Olivares and Ilene Schumacher.

The students came back with a wealth of knowledge regarding domestic and foreign events currently effecting our community.