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PRESS RELEASE: SpaceX Final Environmental Impact Statement Complete


Washington, D.C.-Today, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) regarding SpaceX's proposal to build a launch facility near Boca Chica Beach.  The FAA's Office of Commercial Space Transportation evaluated the potential environmental impacts that may result from the proposal.  The final EIS can be accessed at:

After the final EIS is published in the Federal Registrar, a Record of Decision (ROD) is issued after 30 days.  

"This is exciting news for South Texas as SpaceX is one step closer to completing the federal permitting process,” said Congressman Filemon Vela (D-Brownsville).  “I congratulate the numerous city, county, and state officials who have worked with SpaceX for years to get to this point.  The establishment of a launch facility would be tremendously beneficial to our local economy--bringing high paying jobs and capital investment to South Texas.   Each launch would bring thousands of tourists to Cameron County and provide unique educational opportunities for students.  I will continue to support SpaceX and fellow community leaders as the permitting process nears final completion."    

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