Learn about Congressman Vela’s top priorities for serving the constituents of Texas’ 34th district.


South Texas history is rooted in agriculture, and many towns and cities were originally founded as farming and ranching communities. My own ties to South Texas agriculture date back several generations.

Armed Services

As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, my top focus is ensuring that America’s Armed Forces are prepared to respond to a range of military operations. America’s all-volunteer force is some of the most dedicated, hard-working and intelligent men and women our nation has to offer.


I believe that the best way to ensure a more prosperous future for our children is by investing in education. The opportunity to receive a quality education should be afforded to all, begin in preschool, and continue through college and beyond.


I support the development of both traditional and renewable energy resources in Texas. Over the last five years, the Texas oil and natural gas industry has made a dramatic turnaround.


Protecting our unique South Texas environment and ensuring my constituents and visitors to Texas 34 have access to these resources for generations to come is vitally important to me.

In South Texas, we are fortunate to live in a region like no other with incredible beaches, refuges, national parks, rivers, and wildlife.

Health Care

This year has seen our health care workers and the American public experience an unprecedented health care crisis. As our physicians and nurses continue to work to save lives and combat this pandemic, we must work to ensure that our health care workforce, hospitals and community health centers have the support they need to do the critical work they do.

Homeland Security

In the 116th Congress, my goal remains to advocate for smart and effective policies that protect our Southern border and the country. As one of the only congressional districts in the United States with land, air, and sea ports, I continue to work with numerous Federal agencies to upgrade facilities that ensure people and goods are moving safely and efficiently.


Immigration has played a crucial role in the formation and development of our country. The United States has been a beacon of hope for people fleeing religious, economic, and political oppression, and immigrants have given back to the United States through their hard work and innovation.

Transportation and Infrastructure

As one of the few congressional districts in the United States with land, air and sea ports, I work with numerous federal agencies to upgrade facilities and ensure people and goods can move safely and efficiently.


Veterans and their families have made immeasurable sacrifices in defense of our nation. We must ensure that veterans have access to topnotch health care and can quickly and easily access other benefits such as disability compensation through the Veterans Administration.


Water is the life blood of South Texas. It sustains our residents and our special environment, and we must be proactive in balancing the use of these resources and providing infrastructure to help avoid the devastating consequences of both flooding and drought.